The Mysore Sugar Company Ltd., is a Government of Karnataka enterprises. The Company's Principal business activity is the manufacturing of Sugar. The Maharaja of Mysore and his Diwan Sir Mirza Ismail establish the Mysore Sugar Company in the year 1933. It is the one pf the oldest sugar factory. It started production in the year 1934. At present, the crushing capacity is 5000MT per day.

In the Sugar Factory. Molasses is one of the by-product recovery. The Mysore Sugar Company Ltd., is treating the wastewater of sugar mill. The sugar wastewater produced is about 1400m'' /day which is acidic in nature. The Biochemical oxygen Demand (BOD) and Chemical oxygen Demand (COD) removal efficiency of existing sugar factory wastewater treatment plant 97% and 92.2% respectively. The factory authorities are now planning to recirculate back the sugar effluent into process for cooling purpose shortly. The by-product like bagasses is used in the boilers are used for cogeneration of electricity, the electricity generated is used for industry itself and excess is exported outside the industry which also in turn reduces the burden of solid waste management. The other solid waste production in the industry like press mud and fly ash are collected and transported outside the industry to the markets by proper packing. During training program the production process of industry, wastewater treatment, wastewater generation, cogeneration of energy and threats like air pollution, solid waste generation and noise pollution were studied.